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Microsoft Kernel Debug Network Adapter Driver Download Windows 1041 [REPACK]

To do kernel debugging over a network cable, the target computer must have a supported network adapter. When the target computer is running Windows, the network adapters listed here are supported for kernel debugging.

microsoft kernel debug network adapter driver download windows 1041

SLES 11 SP4 now allows iSCSI booting from some adapters using HBA mode, even if the boot target is on a different subnetwork. It does this by gathering and using three new iBFT boot parameters: boot_root, boot_nic, and boot_target. The kernel as well as open-iscsi was changed to provide this feature.

The virtual network card (NIC) is implemented as a virtio legacy devicein the ACRN Device Model (DM). It is registered as a PCI virtio deviceto the guest OS (User VM) and uses the standard virtio-net in the Linux kernel asits driver (the guest kernel should be built withCONFIG_VIRTIO_NET=y). 350c69d7ab


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