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Acceptable Use Policy

Northern Maple High School offers students access to school’s information technology network, including the school cloud and learning management system features. The technological components are provided for educational purposes and to support the academic experience of students and teachers alike.

To access the school’s technological resources, students must follow the Acceptable Use Policy for continued, streamlined access:


  • Students must respect and protect the privacy of others by:

    • Using only the account details provided for their exclusive use.

    • Only viewing, using, and transporting information and data to which they are authorized.

  • Students must access the electronic resources in a responsible and secure manner by:

    • Not damaging any information or school technological property.

    • Reporting security breaches or risks and technical concerns to teachers or the IT department.

    • Protecting information and resources shared with others, with permission.

All Users

  • All online electronic resources users must respect and protect intellectual property by:

    • Following copyright laws of different forms of media, including images, videos, and online audio recordings.

    • Citing sources when using others’ work (See Academic Honesty policy).

    • Not intentionally accessing, transmitting, copying, or creating material that violates the school’s code of conduct and/or that is illegal (See School Code of Conduct).

Network administrators and other authorized personnel monitor the use of information technology resources to help ensure that uses are secure and in conformity with school policies. Administrators reserve the right to examine, use, and disclose any data found on the school’s information networks in order to further the health, safety, discipline, or security of any student or other person, or to protect property. The school reserves the right to determine which uses constitute acceptable use and to limit access to such uses. The school also reserves the right to limit the time of access and use.

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